Dixit Dhinakaran shares the recipe for success at an early age

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Dixit Dhinakaran

“All skills are perfected through the process of failure. Embrace loss as a necessary part of improvement.”– Jerry Lynch

Dixit Dhinakaran is 26 and already has numerous additions to his skill set. His journey over the past ten years has been an uphill battle to achieve major success. Today, he shares the spotlight among the top young digital marketing professionals globally. 

As outspoken as he appears now, Dixit was a meek student in school. He had an obscured vision of success until he became acquainted with the digital space. Dixit Dhinakaran learned about blogging, vlogging, and digital marketing with relentless pursuit and hunger for success. Since then, he has hosted 50 plus successful websites and blogs for his clients.

Dixit explains the approach that helped him build a career from scratch. He says, “Like most students, I was oblivious to the true potential of the internet and community platforms. My inclination towards technology compelled me to write my opinions about technology. After that, I tried to get the blog monetized so that I could have some spare income on the side. That side hustle converted into a career when I learned about digital marketing and the role it plays in the digital prominence of a business. I have helped many blogs and YouTube channels to gain organic traffic and legitimate followers during my college days.”

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Dixit worked with a digital marketing company after his bachelor’s to hone his skills and meet the demands of large-scale businesses. He is also an active contributor to the popular technology website Gearbytes.com. Dixit recently moved to England to pursue a master’s degree in international business. 

He adds, “I kept growing my skill set as I continued to learn about the advancement in technology. Never suppress your hobbies, side hustles as they can mature into a rewarding career option later on.”

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