Digital Creator Sahid SK Explain Why Should You Choose Digital Creation As Profession

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Sahid SK

As much as it may seem quite cliché, we’re living in the age of the internet. People around the globe use the WWW for literally anything and everything. With the advent of mobile applications which facilitate not just shopping but even doctor consultations, it’s safe to say that the future looks like one which will be entirely digitalized. The onset of the pandemic has most certainly speeded up the process and the internet provides itself to be an ever-growing popular medium with unlimited possibilities.

Today, digital marketing and digital content creation have boomed to no bounds. Traditional brick and mortar stores are now adopting bricks and clicks and e-commerce store business models which have further amplified the fields of digital marketing and content creation. The field now attracts individuals with thoroughly refined skills.

And why is that? Why should you choose digital creation as a profession? Answers Sahid SK, an experienced digital creator & entrepreneur from West Bengal, India.

Inelastic Demand

Today, the demand for digital marketing proves to almost be synonymous with inelastic demand. Every small business wants to go digital to promote its products and services. The demand in this field is ever-growing which is reflective of the scope that the field offers.

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Attractive salaries and competitive compensation packages.

With the requirement of skilled digital marketing managers who are not just good with data but also creative in order to analyze the spend and devise strategies that would benefit the organization, the field offers a lucrative career growth trajectory with attractive salaries and competitive compensation packages.

Inspiring working environments.

The field is today dominated by the youth with progressive ideas and a liberal mindset. The work environments thus created are thought stimulating with the purpose of bringing about a change quite vehement. As a result, choosing this profession would ideally subject you to an environment which is inspiring and energetic.

Upskill, Learn, And Grow

This field offers a lot of free tools and resources to everyone which allows them to be quite active in the learning process. There are a lot of tools that one can make use of when it comes to analyzing their content and learn over time how to navigate around the content which works best for one’s audience.

Widen Your Network

With digital content creation, you are bound to reach out to a large audience as well as widen your own network. You are able to personalize your content best suited for your audience and can build a community that is ever-growing.

When it comes to content creation, one needs to be able to build on their skills of creativity, communication tactics, build on curiosity, follow an organized work routine, and most importantly have the ability to pay attention to detail. Teamwork and patience, of course, come hand in hand.

Sahid believes that the digital creative sector is a huge playground for creative minds who love experimenting. Learning digital creation can open doors to extraordinary career paths. You could find yourself working for some big production house or an esport organization or just any international brand. The field can take you across the world, all at the behest of the internet which can connect you to someone living on a different continent altogether.

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