Devyani did not give up even after failing in many attempts, cracked UPSC exam twice

UPSC ie Union Public Service Commission’s civil service exam is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in the country and many candidates work hard for years to pass it. Some candidates give up trying by defeating failures, while some candidates are determined to pass the examination, some similar story is of Devyani, a resident of Haryana, who once again in the year 2021 with her talent, ranked 11th in All India. Achieved and succeeded in becoming an IAS. Earlier, in her fourth attempt, Devyani scored 222nd  Rank was obtained.


Preparing for such


Devyani never saw how many hours she studied and she used to study seriously without any tension. After selection in the Central Audit Department, she did not get much time for studies, so she could study only on Saturdays and Sundays. According to Devyani, she had set a target of getting more marks in the optional subject in this exam and hence she was successful in it. Along with this, he also took the help of mock interview to prepare for the interview and he got the benefit of it. Apart from this, Devyani used to read newspaper daily and practiced writing.


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