Designer Dream Collection founder & Couturier Anjali Phougat Reveals All That Went into Designing New York Fashion Week Bridal Trousseau

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Anjali Phougat

Anjali Phougat stunned all at the NYFW 2022, showcasing Indian culture with an array of new silhouettes, fusion, and Indo western outfits.

There are have been innumerable success stories around the world, from across different industries and sectors of the world; however, not all have gone ahead in astounding others and infusing their minds with immense inspiration and enthusiasm to make them believe in their dreams. But, there is one success story that has truly taken over the fashion scene of the world as a high-performing fashion designer, founder, and couturier; she is Anjali Phougat, the mind, and soul behind “Designer Dream Collection,” all about Indian bridal dresses and jewelry based out of Columbus, Ohio. Anjali Phougat as the founder of the brand, shares her experience and pride of showcasing her mesmerizing designs at the NYFW 2022.

Speaking on the same, she says they wanted to showcase seasonless, versatile, and intricate bridal edit and take the Indian culture at the forefront of the global stage, offering new silhouettes, fusion and Indo western outfits from Indian jewels studded saree, lehenga to wedding gowns in colour palette from light hues to reds, pinks, purples, gold, and metallics. However, the cherry on top was the opening act at the event, which included a special Bharatnatyam dance performance, which gave a spectacular experience to the audiences of the royal Indian culture and dance with muses draped in incredible Indian fashion pieces with semi-precious beads, rubies, pearls, and emerald studded jewelry. They opened the show with a white wedding gown and created a dreamy wedding look with the beautiful organza, tulle, velvet, satin, and lace fabrics. Her fashion pieces instantly connected with the audiences and stood unique for a variety of reasons, including being super lightweight, airy, royal, and elegant, and most importantly, for most of them being handcrafted with recycled fabrics.

They used non-toxic dyes to prevent pollution in the fashion industry and used multiple layers of recycled tulle throughout the skirt, including a silver, gold, and red metallic layer, lending a warm, romantic hue. They also topped them with delicately beaded 3D floral appliques and finished with sparkling crystals. Also, people were spellbound when they saw the show opener and showstopper in dresses finished with hand-made organza tissue applique flowers all over the flair, matching tulle veil accented with dull gold sequin scalloped hand embroidery, and organza flower accents paired with sheet accents. Not just that, the team worked hard for giving the best looks to the models by amping the game in hair accessories as well, which were handcrafted and also created super chic lace gloves and finished the full look with exclusively customized silver and gold studded jewelry.

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All in all, the NYFW 2022 was a grand event to be witnessed, especially by Indians, for seeing the nations’ true Indian fashion culture on a global stage and for also letting the world know what it is all about.

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