Delhicarz is offering up to ₹50,000 discount, Free Pan India Delivery and Documentation service on premium luxury cars for valentine’s day

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

New Delhi based startup Delhi Cars Company deals in second hand luxury cars such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes and many more premium brands. In a short period of time, the company has seen huge success on social media platforms because of their low pricing and strict quality control. Recently, they crossed over 400k followers on Instagram for their channel @Delhicarz and they aim to hit a million followers by the end of 2022.

After the Covid pandemic, the used car market has seen tremendous growth in India. There is a sharp rise in demand for both low budget and premium used cars. However, premium cars are often considered to be expensive to maintain and come with a high price tag. But, due to new government policies and economies of scale, these high end brands are becoming more and more affordable especially in New Delhi and the surrounding national capital area.

Delhicarz distinguishes itself from traditional used car dealers by becoming the first technology focussed luxury used car brand in India. They have their own android APP on Google Play and a professionally maintained website that updates in real time. Prior to it’s listing, the process of selecting a car undergoes various scanning procedures to authenticate its quality, faults and overall condition. All the pros and cons are mentioned in the details for 100% transparency to the interested buyer.

Speaking about the firm, Founder Tarandeep Singh says, “More than 80% of our customers are from outside the Delhi & NCR region. We make sure that our customers are kept well informed about the deals and details of each car before they plan their travels to Delhi. We offer free video call service, 3rd party inspections, mechanic inspections and anything else that makes our customers comfortable to crack the deal.”

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So what is this Valentine’s day offer? Taran says,”We have offers going on all year round as India is a country of many cultures and festivals. Currently we are offering up to Rs. 50,000 discount and free transportation services for our customers who want to surprise their loved ones with a dream car.”

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Contact: Delhi Cars Co. 

Call/WhatsApp: +91-99999-17223 

Email: [email protected] 

New Delhi, India

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