Deep Das has Brought in a Revolution with His Innovations and Ideas

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Deep Das Director Of JD Palace

As Heraclitus once said, “Change is the only constant in life”. We all long for stability in life; however, life always surprises us at the most unimaginable times. One must be prepared for everything that life throws at you. We all have ideas and plans, but not all take action.

In today’s time, you have to be innovative and creative to survive the competition out there, especially in the marketplace. While coming up with a new idea is important, we should not forget that only actions speak louder than words. Deep Das has brought such changes to the banquet industry that it is worth mentioning.

JD Palace was established in 2008 by Deep Das’s father. Deep Das took over his father’s business after completing his M.B.A.  He soon felt that even though the banquet hall had a great ambiance and reputation, something was lacking. He wanted to bring changes so that it can flourish even more. He yearned for the hall to be noticed by people from all over the world.

Deep Das wanted everyone to know that despite being a small place, it creates magical moments for people. He took numerous online classes to understand foreign clients, their needs, and expectations. He wanted to deduce the factors that would convince people from different countries to have their occasions celebrated in JD Palace.

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Gradually, he started having clients from countries like America, Dubai, and the U.K. Deep began reshaping and remodeling the hall to add more features and presence to it. Unfortunately, soon they hit a hurricane, the pandemic. Their clients started giving them baseless excuses for canceling or delaying the occasions. Instead of sitting in the corner, Das talked to numerous clients to understand the root cause of the problem.

He talked to banks and various financial entities and came up with the EMI option. Anyone who decides to collaborate with JD Palace for any function or events will have this option. Through this EMI option, you can get a loan based on your credit or debit card and will not have to go through the horrendous documentation process. He understands marriages are auspicious and ceremonial in India and wanted to help the customers. He believes that people should not have to think about money when they plan their functions. It should be considered a happy memory, not a burden.

People like Deep Das understand human emotions and work solely for their benefit.

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