Dead To Me Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And What We Know So Far

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If you have already breezed through season 2 of Dead to Me, you’re in luck. Two months after enthusiasts watched actresses Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini reunite as their characters Jen and Judy, news broke that season 3 was on its way.

We saw, the two were taking a moment to acknowledge the new stop sign that was set up in honour of Jen’s husband’s horrible shout injury. At this point, Jen has discovered that Judy is the one who killed her husband. Once it seems Jen has come to terms with Judy’s activities, season 2 ends with Ben (James Marsden), Judy’s former fiancé’s twin brother, arriving in them both with his car.

When Is The Dead To Me Season 3 Premiere Date?

Netflix has not yet declared when season 3 of Dead to Me will come out, but it probably won’t be till May 2021, given that season 1 was released in May 2019 and season 2 in May 2020. That said, the coronavirus pandemic might have postponed the production program, so we’ll just have to wait and watch until Netflix creates an official announcement.

In July, the streaming service and series creator Liz Feldman disclosed this will be the dark comedy’s final season.

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In reaction to the news, Christina said she will”miss” her costars. “We felt this was the ideal way to join the narrative of these girls. Thank you to all of the lovers,” she tweeted in a part.

Who Will Be In The Dead To Me Season 3 Cast?

Given that the series revolves around Christina and Linda’s characters, we can presume that the two actresses will return to our small shows. At precisely the same time, nothing is guaranteed, especially after season two’s heart-stopping cliff-hanger.

Regardless, fans can expect to see Sam McCarthy and Luke Roessler back as Charlie and Henry.

How Can I Watch And Stream Dead To Me?

Whether you are seeing the series for the very first time or you’re in the mood to binge it again, you can head over to Netflix. Seasons 2 and 1 are available to flow on the Netflix website.

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