Dead To Me Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Detail

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Dead ‘ is a dark comedy show which follows the friendship between Jen and Judy, who meet under unusual circumstances. Though their bond is volatile, it deepens because the mystery around Jen’s husband’s death unfolds, along with Judy’s secrets. Upon its premiere on May 3, 2019, the series had been streamed by more than 30 million viewers.

Together with critical acclaim and a strong fan following, has obtained several Primetime Emmy awards nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. As season 2 finishes to a twisted cliffhanger, the fans can’t wait to hear what is next. Will there be a season 3? Let’s take a look!

Release Date

‘Dead to Me’ season 2 was released in its entirety on May 8, 2020, on Netflix. The next season consists of ten episodes using a running period of 29-34 moments each.

In terms of season 3, here is what we understand. The show was renewed for its next run on July 6, 2020. Regrettably, it was announced to be the last year. Created Liz Feldman did not picture it as a long-running series and wanted to end after three seasons. “We believed that this was the ideal way to tie up the narrative of those women.” The notion of the way to end the series came to her while the show was still in production for season 2.

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‘Dead ‘ to me season 3 was scheduled to start filming in January 2021 and wrap up in a few months in April. But, there is no news to affirm if the season has started filming. Besides, Netflix had to pause production of the LA-based films and series in early 2021 because the instances for Covid-19 in the region began to rise again. If the situation is brought under control and the show begins filming shortly, we may observe a brand new season by the end of the year. Keeping these factors in mind, we could expect dead period 3 to release sometime in late 2021.


Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, and James Marsden will reprise their roles as Jen Harding, Judy Hale, and Ben Wood, respectively, in the third outing of the show. Ben Wood is the identical twin brother of Steve Wood, who expires in season 1. Marsden plays these two roles in the series, although he appears as Steve just in flashback sequences in season 2.

Among the additional cast members expected to return in season 3, a few of the names comprise Max Jenkins (Christopher Doyle), Sam McCarthy (Charlie Harding), Luke Roessler (Henry Harding), Valerie Mahaffey (Lorna Harding), Diana-Maria Riva (Ana Perez), Brandon Scott (Nick Prager), Suzy Nakamura (Karen), and Keong Sim (Pastor Wayne). It’s unlikely that we’ll see Natalie Morales (Michelle) again in season 3 because her connection with Judy appears to have run its program.


Season 2 ends on a dramatic note. Jen asks Judy to be the lawful guardian to her sons and proceeds to Detective Perez to acknowledge that she murdered Steve. But she and Perez are unable to obtain the place where Steve’s body is buried. Following a heart-to-heart dialogue with Detective Perez, she decides to allow Jen off the hook, much to Jen’s surprise. Judy finds a few stacks of $100 bills hidden in the backings of her paintings. Ben is presumed to be on his way to spot Steve’s figure when he rams to the new car that Jen and Judy buy for Charlie. Ben is drunk and rates off after the crash, leaving the two hurt women in shock.

Season 3 might pick up the story threads laid out in the next season. Considering that Steve’s body has been found, this could change Jen’s destiny, who had been let go by Detective Perez. It is not apparent if Jen and Judy have the chance to see who struck their car. Ben was drunk when his car crashed into Jen and Judy, so we also do not know if he’s aware of who he hurt in that accident. In an interview, Marsden shared that Ben is a man who tries his best to do the ideal thing even when no one is watching.

But, external forces could overwhelm Ben, throwing him into a deep existential crisis. Could this mean he will come clean regarding the accident, or could it result in an embarrassing confrontation with Jen and Judy? We must also remember that Charlie is a defendant in Steve’s disappearance, and at the season 2 finale, he finds that the letter Jen had composed for Judy. Well, getting his hands on Jen’s letter for Judy maybe Charlie’s way outside. The question is, should Charlie reads the letter, how would he feel towards his mom and Judy? It’s likely that he is enraged and utilizes that knowledge to get back at them.

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