Cutting Her Stranger Things Co-star Off Before He Got To Reveal Major Season 4 Spoilers?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Millie Bobby Brown jumped David Harbour’s IG Live, cutting her co-star off until he made to show major Stranger Things season 4 spoilers. The hit Netflix original series was supposed to air its fourth season last year but was delayed due to this COVID-19 pandemic. While the streaming giant has yet to declare a release date, the show’s producers have confirmed that filming has been declared and the highly expected season 4 will be airing soon.

Together with the creation in full swing, fans are piecing every bit of news and update for possible clues as to what will occur to (Brown), Jim Hopper (Harbour), and the rest of their favorite characters. However, the show has been successful in building the puzzle around the upcoming new year so far. Except for a few promo teasers and put photographs, Stranger Things year 4details remain slender. Nevertheless, Harbour almost awakened and almost busted the show’s suspenseful bubble.

On Wednesday, April 7, Harbour went on Instagram during a short break from filming Stranger Things season 4 to talk with fans. In the clip, he is seen in his iconic character’s costume, made-up in blood, and teases a peek at the show’s script. Acknowledging the tough day for Hopper, the clip continues, with the actor dishing more information regarding the shoot. Brown, who plays Hopper’s adopted daughter joined the IG Live and cut him off, saying, “What are you doing? Get off of Live and go back to work!” “Oh no, I’m getting fired,” Harbour reacted. Watch the lively exchange below:

While Harbour didn’t show any significant Stranger Things season 4 spoilers, the makeup on his face will not hint at a demanding time for Hopper in the coming episodes. Season 3 ended with a cliffhanger with everybody believing that Hopper had been killed off. On the other hand, the Stranger Things season 4teaser reveals the beloved character is very much still alive, albeit in a really tough position. From the looks of things, Hopper is currently imprisoned in snowy Russia where he’s about to confront risks “both from humans and other,” the show’s producers confirmed.

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Meanwhile, despite thwarting her co-star’s plan to squeal juicy Stranger Things season 4 spoilers, Brown inadvertently gave off one clue about her character’s fate. The actress confirmed she has also filmed”for a bit,” however, it was clear in their conversation that she’s not seen Harbour in person for some time. It sounds like she’s to interact with her on-screen adoptive daddy on the place.

Much has transpired since the show first premiered in 2016. Fans have followed friends Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, and certainly will develop from pre-teens to young adults. Their adventures have shaped the series to include darker tones and much more mature content. From the sound of things, Things season 4is gearing up to become the show’s scariest and most thrilling season to date. It’s been quite a wait for new episodes, but enthusiasts will surely be fulfilled when Stranger Things season 4premieres on Netflix.

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