Current POTUS Loses Trust Over Allies Post Afghan Debacle

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Current POTUS Loses Trust Over Allies Post Afghan Debacle

U.S. President Joe Biden is known to be a keen supporter of liberalism when comes to internationalism.  Even then the allies countries are deeply petrified in the last couple of years. The Western allies have always been with the idea of reinvesting their resources as well as maintain a healthy relationship with U. S. . Nevertheless the allies have always been fearful about Trump’s era. Referring to current Biden’s prospects. they are quite intimidated remarking they may see a second Trump administration for the coming four years  Since the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the news has been running that Biden has lost the trust of his allied friends.


The US President Mr. Biden called off all American troops marking the 20th anniversary of 9/11 as the deadline. This gave a green signal to the Taliban insurgents to overrun Afghanistan. Since then forces from America and the United Kingdom are trying to evacuate their emigrants and their Afghan allies from the Afghan capital Kabul.

Biden’s Betrayal against Afghan

The panicking visuals of Kabul’s airport flooding over the social media last week will forever remain edged in the memory . Thousands of desperate Afghans were literally falling over each other to escape the country after the Taliban takeover. The terrorist rule in Afghanistan is back. It posed an utter disgrace to the USA and undoubtedly humiliated Mr Biden personally who presided over and held responsible for the fall of Afghanistan. The Afghan nationals in U.S. even protested against the President outside The White House. This humiliating act of the president presided the humiliating final act in the American experiment in Afghanistan. Few weeks prior to the withdrawal the same president Mr. Biden struck an obstinate pose saying that there was no way the Taliban can overrun Afghanistan. He also confirmed that there will be no such circumstance when people would be lifting off the Afghani embassy of the U.S.

Current Scenario:

This Tuesday Biden announced that all US militia will depart from Kabul airport by August 31st.  However, the Taliban allegedly said they rebuff to assure their safety post the month of August. On the other hand, many of the European nations naming Britain, Germany, and France have been urging the POTUS for a time extension. They insisted that an additional span of time is required in order to evacuate the western nationals and their Afghan Allies.

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Mr. Biden totally neglected this picture. He confirmed that the debacle would be done as per the original decided schedule speaking in a G7 meeting.

Reportedly an insider from the White house talking to the sources said that Joe Biden’s administration gives out few hollow words to the key allies. According to them since they are quite experienced working closely with them.  Hence they feel that they usually follow their own expression rather than actually take some firm steps.

In the recent  G7 apparently, all simply turned up to the meeting without any say. They just believed in talking the right things to the UK leaders. According to them tweets from UK leaders don’t strike them as it does in the case of Mr. Biden.



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