Criminal Minds Season 16 What Is Renewal Status? & More Recant Updates

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The very last lovers saw a brand new episode of Criminal Minds was a year ago once the series’ tenth installment of season 15 released. The episode was named And At The End… and CBS even aired a video titled “Criminal Minds Cast Gets Emotional During Final Table Read.” With these aforementioned items, fans gave up hope that there will be a Criminal Minds season 16. But, that isn’t true now as the answer to the query: is Criminal Minds coming back is rather unclear. More people are wondering: Why is Criminal Minds renewed for season 16?

Is Criminal Minds Renewed For Season 16?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Criminal Minds season 16 will probably be coming on Paramount+. Paramount+ is CBS All Access’s brand new name and is set to start around the first week of March 2021. The revived streaming platform will broadcast shows in the streamer’s parent company, Viacom’s additional channels, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and much more. Coming back to the primary subject: is Criminal Minds coming back, Entertainment Weekly reported that “Showrunner and Executive Producer Erica Messer is on board to reunite, but it isn’t clear for now that celebrities may wish to return to perform FBI profilers again.” However, agents of CBS Studios, Paramount+ and ABC Signature haven’t commented or said anything about the series possible comeback.

What is Criminal Minds About?

Criminal Minds follows the lives of a group of FBI profilers That Are part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit soon known as BAU. The BAU investigates offenders and calls the offenders’ following moves and prevents them. The 15-seasons-long series first aired in 2005. It featured Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster, Aisha Tyler, Daniel Henney and more.

Where To Watch Criminal Minds?

If you would like to know the best way to see Criminal Minds, the show is currently available for streaming on several platforms such as Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, CBS All Access and Netflix which just has the first 12 seasons. The series even launched a spinoff series called Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior that’s available to see on Hulu. There’s also the Korean version of the series featuring Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won, Lee Sun-bin, Son Hyun-Joo and others. Regrettably, Criminal Minds isn’t readily available for streaming in India. Alternatively, you can buy a DVD set containing all the fifteen seasons of this series.

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Why Was Criminal Minds Initially Cancelled?

The series was initially going to finish with its 14th year but as production wanted to give the show’s characters a closed, year 15 was created. The 15th season had only ten episodes and has been created to give the series its end. Regardless of the show getting positive reviews among several, there are numerous reasons Criminal Minds may have cancelled. In accordance with Looper, “The network just might be looking ahead to the near future and a new era of programming.” With television programs with time limitations, CBS was planning to substitute Criminal Minds with new displays.

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