Crime Drama Animal Kingdom Has Been Renewed For A Sixth And Final Season At TNT.

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

TNT has renewed Animal Kingdom for the season, which will also be the last for the show. Based on David Michôd’s 2010 Australian movie of the identical name, the Ellen Barkin-led successive crime drama show has been attracting stupendous summertime viewership ratings because of its WarnerMedia-backed community because June 2016. The events of the series were set into motion throughout season 1 when the 17-year-old J (Finn Cole) moved along with his family, The Cody family a criminal clan led by Barkin’s tough matriarch Smurf. And since then, the series has managed to keep viewers hooked using its crime-centric story, dramatic plotlines, and darkly intriguing twists. Animal Kingdom’s fourth year concluded in August 2019, and its season 5 is due to premiere soon.

In season 4, Animal Kingdom’s loyal fans were served with another shocking departure when Smurf was killed by J. Smurf’s death instantly created a void that her enemies and friends sought to exploit. And the Cody family, meanwhile, was left to figure life out without its domineering matriarch. Although Smurf had died, she reappeared in season 4 through continuing flashbacks into the 70s, giving fans a glimpse of what her life was like before becoming a crime boss. Season 4 ended with the explosive cliffhanger, as it had been revealed that Smurf had cut out her family from her will, and rather bequeathed everything to a mysterious girl named Pamela Johnson. Presently 5 is predicted to unravel the facts behind Smurf’s conclusion while also laying the groundwork for the series’ final iteration.

On Tuesday, Variety declared that TNT has renewed Animal Kingdom for a last season 6. The site also reported that the show’s cast and crew were informed about the development last November. They are already planning to start production in the final year in February. It is, however, not yet known when season 6 will premiere, and which celebrities have been retained for the series’ final run. As for season 5, it is going to premiere in summer 2021.

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Ahead of Animal Kingdom brings to a close with year 6, season 5 will tie up a few loose ends from the series’s earlier iterations. In the new series, Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Craig (Ben Robson), Deran (Jake Weary), and J will recuperate from the fallout that they suffered due to Smurf’s departure. And they will head out to maintain whatever fragile alliances are abandoned. Also, there will be a power struggle within the Cody clan to see which member emerges as the kingdom’s new leader. And Pamela Johnson will, also, come to the end, as audiences find out more about her connection with Smurf. Season 5 will also contain flashbacks to Smurf’s early life. Although rather than the 70s, the series will now focus on the calendar year 1984, when the erratic 29-year-old Smurf began forging her path, increasing Pope and Julia and controlling heists.

Given the synopsis of the approaching season, it’s not hard to comprehend why Animal Kingdom is ending with season 6. The show had its climactic second in a season, which was Smurf’s death. And today seasons 6 and 5 are bringing the different pieces, arcs, and relationships in the narrative together to give it a more decent end. By now Animal Kingdom bows out, viewers will have heard everything about Smurf’s past, and hence, they’ll have the ability to make sense of their activities throughout the first four seasons. Logically some fans might find the information about Animal Kingdom’s closure devastating.

Nonetheless, it’s better for the series to finish having educated a precise and interesting story, rather than dragging on for several decades aimlessly. As of late, TNT can be altering its programming attention to content that is articles. And since Animal Kingdom doesn’t fit in with its new approach, it is a logical move on the part of the network to cancel the long-running series.

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