Cocaine Ghost Submarine Worth $87.7 Million Found Colombia

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A drug smuggling operation was held by the Colombian Navy in the Pacific Ocean. They intercepted a drug smuggling submarine along with two bodies. They also seized more than a ton of illegal cocaine, which was being transported to Central America. As the troops boarded the boat, they discovered two bodies and two individuals in poor health. They were transferred to another ship for medical treatment.

colombia drug smuggling ghost submarine

According to the reports, the cocaine is valued up to a net worth of $87.7 Million. Officials estimated, the 49-foot-long yacht discovered adrift in the Pacific Ocean contained more than 2.6 tons of cocaine.

“After the illegal drug was discovered, military troops discovered two individuals in terrible health outside the vessel,” Colombia’s Ministry of National Defense stated in a statement.

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colombia military seizes drug

Both the rescued and the deceased were transferred to Tumaco, Nario Department, in the country’s southwest. Police also released a video of the officers boarding the partially submerged watercraft and laying out the dozens of blocks of cocaine discovered inside. A disaster occurred inside the semi-submersible due to the release of toxic gases from the fuel. The disaster occured in the outer vessel of the submarine. In the incident-two men were discovered dead, along with two other survivors who were in severe health.

As said by local media, the submarine was one of three recently confiscated submarines by the government, that reportedly belonged to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

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