Cobra Kai season 4: Release Date, Plot Cast And Every Information

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Now turned into one of Netflix’s original series in its own right, Cobra Kai became the first big premiere of the year for the streaming platform with the debut of its third season. With permission from The Bridgertons and Lupines, released in December and January respectively, the sequel series to the famous Karate Kid franchise was Netflix’s most popular title for seven days, and with a fourth season already underway, no one can deny him the honor of also being one of the most anticipated returns.

Little is known about the fourth season of Cobra Kai that Netflix confirmed before the debut of the third, but the team recently claimed to hope to be back on set later than ever. If this happens, we may not have to wait for more than a year between them and we will have more Cobra Kai in the first days of 2022.

It sounds far, we know, but at least we can already fantasize about what is to come. They have done this from our sister website, where Cobra Kai has also turned out to be a real phenomenon, especially since it is on Netflix. Five characters from Karate Kid 3 and the protagonist of the ‘remake’, embodied by Will Smith’s Son, Jaden. You can see them – and remember them – all in the gallery of images on these lines.

It would not be the first time, of course, that the series delights us with actors from the original franchise taking up their characters, starting with its protagonist, Ralph Macchio, who seeing again as Daniel Larusso has been the main claim of Cobra Kai since the first day.

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