Chup: Sunny Dulquer’s movie features fantastic performances

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Chup: Sunny, Dulquer's movie features fantastic performances

In Chup: Revenge of the Artist, a serial murderer who is still at large is described as murdering one reviewer after another. The authorities need to get him before he kills again, even if his motivation certainly seems to be something that many people worry about. Whether this assassin is a frustrated director, an actor with a hidden goal, or just a movie buff is the matter at hand. Sunny Deol’s Arvind Mathur is the police captain. R. Balki has done a fantastic job at weaving a tale that hasn’t yet been written, together with his co-writers Raja Sen and Rishi Virmani.

This psychological thriller, which also makes sure to pay homage to movies, directors, and everyone involved, including all the Guru Dutt references that appear, is a masterwork written by Balki. The director has successfully combined all the elements that make movies enjoyable, woven them into a plot that is as captivating as ever, and of course, crammed it with some of the best phrases. The fact that the movie succeeds in almost all respects—barely falters in any—is where the movie’s power rests.

In addition to the serial murderer on the loose case, there is also the love story between Danny (Duqluer Salmaan) and Shreya Dhanwanthary (Nila Menon), and most of the time it doesn’t feel out of place.

Jaane kya tune kahi and Yeh Duniya agar mil bhi jaaye from Guru Dutt’s masterpiece Pyaasa are among the masterfully reproduced soundtracks that give the entire story an edge and make it a visual feast. The love story may appear out of place to viewers who came in expecting a full-fledged thriller, but for the most of us, our love of movies would be able to easily overlook that aspect as well. Having Sunny and Dulquer in the same movie, seeing Pooja Bhatt make a spectacular comeback as the psychologist, and a lovely Shreya showcasing what appears to be an amazing acting graph in the show make up the cast of Chup, which is quite an unusual mix.

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Sunny is deft and skillful in his role as the policeman, and it all comes through. Dulquer, who actually entered into a whole new zone to play Danny, gave yet another performance of his career that was a career-high. It’s encouraging to watch Pooja take on a part that complements her well—almost as if it were written just for her. I enjoy how Shreya plays her role, but I wish we had seen more of her. The relatability element that occasionally sneaks through so smoothly for reviewers is absolutely wonderful.

Even if the movie’s premise isn’t exactly critic-friendly, watching a movie about this topic is certainly entertaining. The movie, which is also a criminal thriller, includes some nicely placed comical aspects as well as all of the above as well as occasional scenes of gore. Although it may not be for the faint of heart, it is also rather simple to follow along if one is paying attention to the movie.

The movie’s conclusion is a homage to us that we did not know we deserved it. It is fantastic and as subtly done as it possibly could be. Revenge of the Artist is a movie that has to be seen in a theatre, Chup!

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