Christina Littleton – Instagram Celebrity from Los Angeles, California

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Social Media has changed human lives tremendously. Gone are those days when social media were solely a platform to get social. Today, these platforms serve a broader purpose. With time Social Media platforms have become a source of earning for myriads of people. They have given rise to numerous Influencers and, for Influencers, Social Media has become the source of bread and butter. Social Media has not only provide them with a source of earning, but it has also bought fame and spotlight. The list of Influencers is quite long but, few always stand out from the rest. One such name is Christina Littleton.

Christina Littleton is a well-acknowledged Model and an Influencer from the United States. Christina is an Instagram star with 49k followers globally. Just like her beautiful name, Christina looks flawlessly beautiful. Her Instagram account is full of gorgeous and stunningly beautiful pictures. She has quite a fan following on her Instagram account.

Christina has started her Modelling career after completing her graduation. Gradually she began garnering fame through her Instagram account. Christina has a unique way of styling. The way she represented herself is absolutely stunning. She is just 23 years old but, her work speaks volumes. She has been inspiring a lot of women globally. Cristina has been using her Instagram to spread about self-love, body positivity and mental health.

Christina is quite popular on Instagram. She has about 49k followers globally. Check out her Instagram account at  @christinaalittleton. Initially, Christina uses Instagram to express herself. Gradually, she built her own online community. Because of her popularity and influence, many established brands reach her for paid promotion of their brands. Many recognized modelling agencies have worked with her. She was even represented by Wilhelmina models, Renew Artists Hawaii, vie agency. Christina is just 23 years old but, she has accomplished a lot of things in her life. Her journey is inspiring for a lot of women.

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Everybody sees her success but, nobody knows the struggle she has to go through to be here. Being a Model is not as easy as it looks it requires a lot of patience and hard work. Modelling is complex field thousands of people choose this field but couldn’t make their name. The competition is so tough that they cannot survive and quit their dreams. Christina hasn’t given up. She put in a lot of effort and set her foot in the field.

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