Chris Hemsworth Jealous Of Elsa Pataky Kissing Scenes On Screen? We Decipher The Rumor

Very recently, the editorial ‘of melty revealed to you whether Elsa Pataky was embarrassed or not to watch the sex scenes of Chris Hemsworth. Against all expectations, the Spanish actress takes it upon herself and is well aware that this is just a job that does not in any way infringe on their private life. But the interpreter of Thor is certainly not the only one to have romantic scenes on the screen and for good reason, Elsa also had to get closer to Marco Pigossi for the needs of the Tidelands series broadcast on Netflix in 2018 and their kisses would have caused great jealousy on the part of Chris Hemsworth, in any case, what New Idea said at the time.

According to the revelations of a witness to this scene between the actress and her acting partner, the chemistry was indeed there. Judging the photos of the kiss in question, the magazine said then that Chris would experience some “worry” when he saw the “steamy love scenes”. But fans of the famous couple rest assured these rumors of jealousy were firmly denied by the site Gossip Cop which was quick to say that there was, in reality, no evidence of this reaction on the part of the Australian actor. We are reassured! And for more news,