Chris Evans spellbound by a Twilight actress, this rapprochement that had not gone unnoticed

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

You might not know it, but Chris Evans has hooked up with a Twilight actress in the past. Back on this flirtation that had not gone unnoticed.

While it is rumored that Chris Evans and Dianna Agron were once a couple, here’s what happened between the two actors. There is no need to say, the interpreter of Captain America is today one of the most coveted men in Hollywood and many are the media to have lent links to the 39-year-old actor. If Chris has had a few official romantic relationships, he did, however, enjoy a little flirtation in 2011 with Ashley Greene whom fans know for her role of Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga. Seen together after the young woman’s breakup with Joe Jonas, their nightclub reconciliation had caused a lot of talk at the time.

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According to the words of a witness present at the same evening, Chris Evans was not against the idea of ​​appearing with the pretty brunette, on the contrary: “Ashley was very affectionate towards Chris and it certainly did not bother him. not, ” the informant told E! News. More than that, the attraction between the two actors was obvious: “They danced together very close. It seemed that there was a lot of sexual chemistry”. A flirtation that has not yet evolved into a beautiful love story as revealed by a close friend of the actor: “Chris is a really fun guy and he loves girls. It’s not because he flirts with one of them that. This could not be clearer! Elsewhere in the news, discover why the Web is convinced that Chris Evans is again in a relationship.

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