Chirag and Devi’s Journey from Ordinary Marketer to becoming one of the best Digital Marketer of South Asia

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Chirag Gera And Devi Singh

If we wake up in the morning without any goal, we can never reach the point of success in
our life. Success is all about passion and determination, proved by Chirag Gera and Devi Singh.
Chirag Gera and Devi Singh are self-driven digital entrepreneur, who believes to work
completely based on faith and trust. Duos were born in a family that had no know-how
about the internet. Their quest to do something unique pushed them on the roads of the entrepreneurial journey of being a Celebrity Manager and Digital Marketer. Right Now, both Chirag and Devi are renowned names in the digital marketing industry. They own more than 20 Companies and have a team of marketing professionals who
facilitate people in learning about Digital media. Chirag and Devi are continuously engaged
in helping various artists and brands to create a unique name and position in the market
ahead of their competitors. These two Young Entrepreneurs are looking forward to
expanding their Media business and are all set to build a vast empire.
The talented young soul Chirag Gera from Kurushetra, Haryana gave up everything and
worked day and night to live a lavish life, like the one he is living today. In starting, Chirag’s
knowledge of social media was not enough; he was continuously making mistakes.
Whenever he got to know about new tricks, strategies, or methods to make more money via
Digital media or dared to rectify his learnings, he did. Never was a moment that he stood

From Rags to Riches

A real gem is one who converts his dreams into real ones. Chirag Gera and Devi Singh were
not born with a golden spoon in their mouth, they faced a lot of struggles and hardship but
the main thing is that he never gives up on their passion for social media. Even after being a
millionaire, getting a profit of more than 10 crores per annum, they are down to Earth. It
may take years and decades for a youngster of their age to reach the point where Chirag
Gera and Devi Singh are standing at present. Both the entrepreneur is a source of
inspiration for many youths across the country and also abroad.

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