Chill September With Netflix – Lucifer, sex-education, money heist, Kate, Shang-Chi And Level-16

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Amazing And Top-Rated Movies Available At Netflix

September 2021, is bringing up a whole lot of the most awaiting movies and series, for the fans. This article will sum up every series and movies, fans are crazy for.

So the things which are adding on the first where they have done a lot of familiar favorites.

On the first they add Marshall releasing on September 1st, this movie Chadwick Boseman actually plays Thurgood marshall the first black, supreme court justice which does look like one of the better picks out of everything getting added on.

They are also adding Level 16, a sci-fi thriller from 2018 that’s actually set in the all-girls academy where two girls begin to realize they’re being trained for something, it looks really cool.

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Also on September 1st, Netflix is adding quite a few picks for action plans starting with Chappie, this is from director Neil Blomkamp who is most famous for District 9.


The helmet is an upcoming movie which is releasing on 3rd of September, the lead role in this movie is Aparshakti Khurana, the director of the movie is Satyaramn

Money heist season 5

Money heist season 5, is finally releasing on 3rd September, the long wait has now come to an end.

Money Heist is a highly rated and recommended series for anyone who likes crime and thrillers, all its previous 4 seasons were a big hit. So, fans are ready with your red jumpsuits and Salvador damask to watch the Spanish series Money Heist Season 5.

But fans will only be able to watch the first part of the 5th season, the 2nd part will be releasing at the end of the year.

Shang –Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-chi is an upcoming marvel movie, going to be released on 3rd September, in which for the first time an Asian main supper lead will be shown. In this movie, there will be 2 characters playing the central role, the first is Shang-Chi played by Simu-Liu, and the second main character is played by Tony-Chiu-Wai-Leung in the role of Madrin.

The Gateway

The gateway is an upcoming crime thriller movie finally going to be released on 3rd September, directed by Michael Siveta, this movie is for people who are crazy for action and suspense.


Cinderella, a movie with a lot of sequels and which is made from a lot of different angles. This time Cinderella is going to be a musical movie, which is played by a famous singer, now actor Camilla Cabello.

Cinderella is going to be on Netflix on the 3rd of September, people who are fond of musical movies and fantasy are surely going to love the movie.


Lucifer is one of the most famous web series on Netflix, all its 6 seasons are a great hit and quite successful, and now finally the series is coming up with its last season on the 10th of September.

Fans are expecting, that most of their suspense will be solved in the last and final season.


Kate is an upcoming action thriller movie, which is based on a girl who knows she is gonna die in the next 24 hrs. Fans can watch the movie on Netflix on the 10th of September.

Sex –Education

Finally, season 3 of Sex Education is announced, which going to be on air on Netflix on the 17th of September. Fans of this series can now end their eagerness and watch the show.

These are all the upcoming entertainment shots that Netflix is going to to throw up this September. So, fans be ready with your popcorn and chilling time.

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