Chicago Pizza CEO all set to enter the meta verse with new venture Fshare.Live

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Chicago Pizza CEO

The founder and CEO of Chicago Pizza, Mr Vishal Kapur set to enter the meta-verse with his new venture which is going to be a revolutionary platform for the F&B and the Startup industry. This platform provides a direct connection of brands with users using the meta platforms, Facebook & Instagram. This platform is going to be following a hybrid of B2B and B2C model working with both the brands and the users providing a new flavor of discounts in the meta-verse. ‘The Meta verse is an exciting opportunity, everything from food to even medicine has shifted online, new businesses and the old one, all are gradually being part of the online universe providing the users with a new flavor of technology with different services’ says the founder Mr Vishal Kapur. ‘ is going to be a platform where brands and users can connect with each other just by a single click. The idea is to help brands reach their target as it’s a difficult thing to do, with so many voices out there it’s hard to make yours heard by the users and that too, on a budget. plans on solving the budget and the direct engagement issue for brands and it brings a wonderful window for the users as well to engage with a combination of old & new brands in almost all categories’. Mr Vishal Kapur has appointed Mr Sankshay Babbar as the CEO of who is also the CEO of the OTT platform Moon The Indie Cinema. ‘Sankshay Babbar is a guy with the vision, he knows how to communicate in the metaverse and hence I’ve gotten my first Avenger’ says Mr Vishal Kapur. ‘Meta is the future, if a brand fails to jump in the meta boat then they would be living on borrowed time’ says Mr Sankshay Babbar. ‘In earlier days the only way to market yourself was through expensive hoardings or word of mouth, meta has changed it but the problem is with this new opportunity comes a volume which makes it difficult for the user to choose and for the brands to reach the users. With we plan on bridging that’ is all set to launch soon in the second half of 2022.

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