Chhawla gangrape, instead murder victim following SC’s acquittal of all defendants on death row


The mother of the Chhawla gangrape victim sobbed after learning that all three defendants had been found not guilty by the Supreme Court on Monday. “We have not only lost the struggle, but also the desire to live,” she added. After struggling for more than 11 years, the Chhawla’s father claimed that the supreme court “let them down” and that they had lost trust in the legal system. In addition, he claimed that the system profited off their destitution.

The three defendants of Chhawla gangrape given the death punishment by a trial judge

Three men who given the death penalty for the 2012 gangrape and murder of a 19-year-old woman in Delhi’s Chhawla neighbourhood were exonerated by the Supreme Court. Which described the case as “rarest of rarities.” The Delhi High Court later affirmed the verdict. The lady allegedly kidnapped, raped, and brutally murdered by the three guys in February 2012. Three days after her kidnapping, her mangled body discovered.

“Even after 11 years, the conclusion is this. We’ve gone crazy… The fight lost by us. I kept holding onto this optimism. I no longer have the will to live. The victim’s mother sobbed outside the apex court’s walls, “I hoped my daughter would get justice.

What meant to happen to criminals eventually occurred to us, according to victim’s father

“We have stopped hopping from pillar to post after 11 years. The decision also made public by the lower court. We were happy. We received assurance also from the High Court. But the Supreme Court failed us. We eventually experienced what anticipated to occur with criminals, he told PTI.

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The woman, who was from Uttarakhand, worked at Gurugram’s Cyber City, according to the prosecution. When the three men kidnapped her in a vehicle. She on her way home from work and close to her house. Her parents filed a missing person report when she didn’t come home. According to the prosecution, who also stated that the woman’s mangled and decaying body discovered in a hamlet in Rewari, Haryana.

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