Charmed Season 3 May Not Be On Netflix Until Fall 2021

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

The witchy sisters are back. Charmed season 3 premieres on The CW on Jan. 24. Now all eyes are on whenever the third season will be on Netflix.

It will take some time. Like other CW shows that obtained the heritage death seasons are additional eight days following various finales.

The issue at the moment is that we do not know when the Charmed season 3 finale will air. Usually, it airs mid-May, meaning the full season drops on Netflix sometime between the end of May and the beginning of June.

That may not be the case this time. It will rely on the season order given and the way filming proceeds in Vancouver with COVID-19 instances still rising.

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Charmed season 3 may not be on Netflix until fall 2021

As a result of pandemic protocols, the season 3 premiere is three months late. We usually get autumn reveals in October of every calendar year, but none of the customary autumn suspects are coming until January at the earliest that year.

The CW would have two options. It might choose to shorten the seasons, permitting the finales to still air in May. But it looks like it is opting for full-scale seasons, running into the late spring and the summer.

This really has a knock-on effect on when Charmed season 3 will probably be on Netflix. In case the finale is late summer, we’re looking at possibly drop 2021 for the Netflix release date.

We’ll know more when The CW creates a formal decision on what to do with season length.

One thing we do know is it will still be eight times following the finale. Once we’ve got a finale date, we’ll be sure to let you know the date the season will be on Netflix.

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