CEO Arghya Sarkar Decodes Hiring Processes With Recruitment Mantra

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Arghya Sarkar, the CEO of Recruitment Mantra

We have often heard that the world is an evolving place. Things around us are constantly evolving. The use of technology in possibly every aspect of life is a testimony to this. With Covid hitting the world, our lifestyle has tremendously changed. From ‘Work from Home’ to ‘Online Schooling’ to the ways of Hiring, everything is in constant upgrading. The old traditional ways of hiring through applying for a job in person or giving a job advertisement in a local daily has drastically come down as it reflects a different time and a much different generation.

With digitization getting rapidly popular, modern recruitment ways have significantly changed the way how recruiters and job-seekers engage with one another. As a pioneer in the recruitment industry, ‘Recruitment Mantra’ has developed an effective modern system for modern times that has unsealed an array in the hiring industry helping job-seekers in getting them the best job they deserve. Talking about his venture, Mr. Arghya Sarkar, the CEO of Recruitment Mantra shares an insight into what his venture is all about and how it is creating a stride in the hiring industry.

Question 1: What is the biggest USP that differentiates your company from its competitors?

Answer 1:

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There is hardly any doubt that recruitment costs have surged up since Covid struck. To bring down the cost, we at Recruitment Mantra have launched strategically designed customized services catering to the needs of both job-seekers and recruiters. The company has come up with the campaign ‘Hire Employee @ 999/- only’ where a recruiter, be it from a startup or a well-established corporate firm, can achieve the desired workforce as per their needs.


It is no hidden secret that our competitors are charging nearly 8.33% on the annual CTC for providing a single employee and this is one of the major reasons why a lot of startups don’t get the right candidates eventually leading them to shut down. But with Recruitment Mantra in the market, it is high time to bid farewell to the HR Consultants who charge a hefty amount for providing the desired workforce.

Question 2: What are the most important trends that you see emerging across the recruitment industry?

Answer 2:

Well, there are a few. The surge in using social media channels is one among them. Social media updates regarding a job are a new trend that has emerged as a boon for both recruiters and job-seekers. One just needs to put an update and candidates can, according to their expectations and qualifications, apply and proceed forward.

The remote hiring process is also a trend that has in a way revamped the hiring industry. The old traditional way of going physically for an interview has nearly abolished especially during the covid era. People are now able to give the interviews over video conferencing platforms sitting at their homes. With the change in time and providing so many options on the plate, the Flexible Working Option is one of the trends that are very much in demand. People are bored and tired of 9-5 jobs. Now, they want a job which suits their requirements. They want job times scheduled as per their wish. Also, people like to have the option of either going to the office or working from home.

Question 3: How do you think the Recruitment Mantra is keeping up with those trends?

Answer 3:

In this world of digitization and post-Covid phase, there has been a significant surge in the Remote Hiring Process as it is not possible for people to physically go for an interview or shift to another city. Keeping this growing trend in mind, we have come up with two new services- ‘Web CV’ and ‘Live CV’.

With the help of these budget-friendly initiatives, the job-seekers no longer need to send a soft copy of their resumes to the recruiters as a distinct and proper image of the candidate is created using technological tools. These services are capable of demonstrating the profile of the candidate thoroughly and filtering them as per the requirements with the help of technologies like the applicant database and tracking system. It has helped in drastically reducing the use of paper and saving time for both the recruiter and job-seeker.

Question 4: What is your vision ahead for your company?

Answer 4:

We, at Recruitment Mantra, aims to provide a solid recruitment platform for New India. We want to fulfill the needs of recruiters by providing them with the best manpower suitable for them at an affordable cost. We also aim to kick out the unemployment that’s currently gripping the country by helping the job-seekers find the best, desirable job as per their needs. In short, we want to create a place where people can interact with each other and eventually move forward with the hiring process.

Question 5: What has been your driving motto behind establishing Recruitment Mantra?

Answer 5:

Seeing the difficulties faced by the thousands of talented youths in the process of finding the right job, I came up with the idea of the Recruitment Mantra. I thoroughly believe that there is a lot of talent in our youngsters but the lack of an authentic, budget-friendly platform for making them find a suitable job was always the reason India as a country was lacking behind. I don’t take failures at my face value as I believe they are the stepping stones in the journey towards success.

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