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Rising cases of Omicron’s XBB mutation in India, symptoms, severity, and likelihood of hospitalization

As India prepares to celebrate one of its largest festivals, Diwali, a

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PM Modi raises the concept of “One Nation, One Police Uniform” and warns against “borderless” crimes.

The PM said that having uniforms for police officers across. India will

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Elon Musk-Twitter controversy developed amid top-level dismissals, leaked communications, and other events

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world and a tech billionaire.

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DNA : Siberian Neandertals’ small-scale social life are revealed by ancient DNA

The finest genetic DNA window into the social lives of these prehistoric

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Solar eclipse from the perspective of several Indian cities

Today, India had a partial solar eclipse known as Surya Garahn. The

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America Still Purchase Saudi Oil When We Are Capable of Producing Our Own

States in the Northeastern United States are already dealing with heating oil

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What More Exercise Do You Need to Live a Long Life

Marathon study raises several key issues concerning the effects of different exercise

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Cyclone “Sitrang” will likely approach the shores of West Bengal and Bangladesh after skirting Odisha

The possible cyclonic storm "Sitrang," according to a significant update from the

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Preventing the Extinction of Carnivores

A latest evidence published in Scientific Reports discussed the need for effective

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JEE (Advanced) winner chooses IISc-Bengaluru over IITs for B.Tech programme

JEE (Advanced) top student chooses IISc-Bengaluru over IITs for B. Tech course

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