Bullet Baba Shrine – The Unexpected Religious Temple In India

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Bullet Baba Shrine

The Bullet Baba Shrine is the place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan that now has been turned into a religious hotspot in India. This temple is developed 40km away from Jodhpur in the Bandai village. Many devotees and bike lovers come to this place and worship the Enfield Bullet motorbike. The bike is covered with a glass box.

Its front is open and necessary decoration of flowers is done to make it more visible at Bullet Baba Shrine. Many people fear accidents on the road; hence, they come to this place and pray to this bike for a safe journey. Locals believe that this bike is popular for its supernatural powers; hence when a traveler prays in front of this motorbike, they will have a safe journey experience is what the myth is about this place.

Many people and young youth state that Om Baba died in the road accident, and his spirit is near to this location now as well and ensures that no road accidents occur. The spirit protects other people in the journey to get a safe experience of the journey. Many people believe that ghost of Om baba is here who is working to protect others at Bullet Baba Shrine.

Some people also state that if the biker is not stopping at this place to worship, then the individual may face risk in the journey.  Many regional people sing folk songs to give respect to the Om baba.  The local people store the tree that becomes the cause of death of Om baba and the woods of that tree and flowers are used in the prayer of this bike.

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Taxi drivers, motorcycle riders, and many bus drivers stop at this location and pray to the Bullet Baba Shrine for their safe journey. This has become the subject of curiosity for others and become a matter of faith for the locals. Many people consume alcohol and drive on bikes, and this shrine has become a great choice for them.

Locals believe that if the devotees’ wishes are fulfilled, they have to come to this place again and need to offer whisky bottles to the priest. Many female candidates also visit this place for the protection of their husbands and brothers. They use red threads and colorful clothes for the safety of their husbands.

In this route, many people sell the rings and photographs of the Om baba as the trinkets. Faith is an essential element that can protect people from the fear of road accidents. This is the main reason why this temple has become so popular.

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