Buddha Purnima : Its Significances, Celebrations, Date!

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Buddha Purnima celebration and significances

The holy festival of Buddha Purnima is sometimes referred to as Buddha Jayanti. Commemorates Lord Gautam Buddha’s birth anniversary, who is regarded as the founding figure of Buddhism.

In addition to taking an early morning bath to rid oneself of all pollutants, cleaning their homes, and adhering to festival rites, followers make a promise to follow the teachings of Gautam Buddha on this day. Buddhists all over the world commemorate this day, which has special cultural and spiritual importance for them.

On a full moon day during the month of Vaisakh, Buddha Purnima is observed. It takes place on May 5 this year. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse falls on that day. The Buddha’s exact birth and death dates are uncertain, although historians commonly place his lifespan between 563 and 483 BC. The 2585th anniversary of the birth of Gautam Buddha occurs this year. Drik Panchang states that the Buddha Jayanti’s Purnima Tithi will begin at 4:14 am on May 5 and end at 3:33 am on May 6 in the year 2023.

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¬†Buddha Purnima’s Significance and Celebration

Buddhism holds that a full moon day is fortunate because three significant events in the life of the Buddha occurred on this day. Prince Siddhartha was born at Lumbini Grove, hence the full moon in May has special significance. Second, Prince Siddhartha Gautam became Gautama Buddha at Bodh Gaya. After achieving enlightenment under the shadow of the Bodhi tree after six years of adversity. Thirdly, at the age of 80, at Kusinara, he died to Nibbana (Nirvana), the deliverance from the cycle of rebirth, after 45 years of preaching the Truth.

Devotees start their days by cleaning their dwellings, having a bath, and scattering Gangajal throughout the house. Additionally, they pour milk near the Bodhi Tree, light candles, and decorate their homes with flowers. They also make swastikas with Haldi, roli, or kumkum in front of the front door. People also donate clothing and food to people in need.

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