BTS ARMY- World’s Most Innocent Fandom

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

BTS fandom ARMY is without a doubt the most Innocent fandom in the world in 2023, but this is no coincidence. Look how they did it!

Who has the world’s most strong fandom in 2023?

The Korean boyband BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, currently has the world’s most Innocent fans, known as ARMY. ARMY is an abbreviation for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. According to recent figures, this organized fanbase has up to 48 million distinct accounts.

According to the Hyundai Research Institute, BTS accounts for 70% of annual visitors to South Korea, bringing in $3.6 billion to the country to date. This figure is expected to reach $37 billion within the next ten years.

BTS army most innocent fandom

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How did ARMY become the world’s most Innocent fandom?

BTS is a fantastic band, but there are secrets behind its fans, which is the world’s largest. The following are some significant aspects that contribute to the growth of ARMY, which will be the most Innocent fandom in the world by 2023. This method helps to mitigate BTS’s disadvantage as a non-English speaking band. Even though their albums are not released in a foreign language.

BTS has a huge network of social media translation accounts

These fan accounts are in charge of translating practically everything from their idols into their home language, thereby bridging the gap between BTS and overseas fans. For example, Jiye Kim’s Twitter account is in charge of translating all song lyrics, video content, and BTS social media postings into English. She has been doing this since 2017 to bring BTS to new audiences. Kim’s translation account currently has over 270,000 followers.

Claire Min, the owner of a 350,000-follower Twitter account that specializes in interpreting live BTS video streams, is another example. She began her career in 2018 and also pushed Korean language learning to assist fans in feeling more connected to their idols. To do so, she dissects each BTS member’s social media posts and translates them word for word for overseas followers. These #BTSvocab posts draw a lot of attention from overseas ARMYs who wish to learn their idol’s language.

There are many other BTS ARMY translation accounts, but each has its distinct style that draws people in. However, all of these social accounts are helping to unify Armys and draw new members to the fandom, particularly those from other countries.

BTS army most innocent fandom

With social media’s growing significance in people’s lives, taking advantage of technology tools is the key to dominating practically every market. The ARMY understands and applies this perfectly.

It’s easy to detect the trend of idol hashtags on Twitter. There are accounts dedicated to creating trendy BTS hashtags. The goal is to get it seen by ARMYS or BTS. Their idols are likely to respond to their tweets or get new followers as a result of this. Not to mention the success these hashtags have brought to this South Korean boy band. When there is a vote competition on any of the music charts.

BTS-related hashtags will be encouraged to rally ARMYS. The sensations of belonging to a youth empire and helping their idol reach the top inspire every ARMY to take action.

Though there are several hashtags for BTS on social media, a few big themes stand out. In 2018, the special hashtag #5thFlowerPathWithBTS quickly became the No. 1 global trend on Twitter after being tweeted over 800,000 times. It was made to commemorate the fifth anniversary of BTS’s debut in 2013.

A Goodwill Army

Unlike many other fandoms that strive to buy the most expensive gifts for their idols, ARMY is a charitable group. They not only strive to build a kind, kind-hearted image of BTS fans on the internet, but they also work to combat social issues.

The ARMY has launched numerous efforts to generate donations for charity or to promote UNICEF programs to reduce violence. Every ARMY member is asked to donate to help the world on their birthday. Or they pay more than $9,000 to plant 1,200 trees as a birthday present for their Korean idol. The mini-forest is then named after a member of the BTS.

This world’s most Innocent fandom collaborated with Medical Teams International in 2018 to give medical assistance to Syrians. ARMY also raised about $3,800 for scholarships for South Korean orphanages through the non-profit organization OIAA on another occasion.

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