“British Voice Over Actress Talks AI Disruption in Voiceovers on Ajay Tambe’s Latest Podcast”



In an exclusive interview on Ajay Tambe’s podcast, Multi Award Winning British Voice Over Actress Margaret Ashley delved into the profound changes sweeping through the voiceover industry, prompted by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI).

Ashley’s insights shed light on the urgent need for industry professionals to adapt and protect their craft in the face of AI’s burgeoning capabilities.

” The critical importance of understanding and navigating the potential risks AI poses to the authenticity and integrity of our work,” Ashley shared.

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The advent of voice cloning and text-to-speech technologies marks a critical turning point, demanding stringent contractual measures to prevent misuse and unauthorized use of voice talents.

Ashley pointed to the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strike as a pivotal moment, emphasizing its role in highlighting the AI challenges confronting the industry.

“This isn’t just about job security—it’s about preserving the unique essence of the human voice that no AI can replicate,” she emphasized on the podcast.

The discussion on Ajay Tambe’s podcast underscored the undeniable impact of AI on job displacement within the voiceover field. Yet, Ashley remains optimistic about the unparalleled depth and nuance the human voice brings to the table.

“No matter how advanced AI becomes, it cannot match the emotional and tonal depth a human voice can convey. There’s a soulfulness to our voices that AI simply cannot duplicate,” Ashley remarked during the episode.

By bringing these issues to the forefront on Ajay Tambe’s podcast, Ashley hopes to inspire voiceover professionals to actively engage in shaping the future of their industry.

The conversation around AI and its implications for the voiceover industry is just beginning, with the future holding both challenges and opportunities for artists committed to maintaining the authenticity and impact of the human voice.


Margaret Ashley is a seasoned and versatile character actress and voice-over artist, known for her strong, mature, authoritative, yet warm and friendly voice. Her career spans across various mediums including television, theatre, film, and voice-over work, showcasing her adaptability and range as an actress and voice talent.

Her notable television appearances include roles in prominent series such as “Coronation Street” (Granada TV), “The Bill” (Thames TV), “London’s Burning” (LWT), “Children’s Ward” (Granada TV), “Our John Willie” (BBC), “Wyatt’s Watchdogs” (BBC), “Crimewatch” (BBC), and “Michael Winners True Crimes, Strange But True” (LWT). These roles have contributed to her recognition and reputation in the industry.

In addition to her television work, Margaret Ashley has also made significant contributions to theatre and film. She has been involved in various new writing works performed in some of London’s theatres and has appeared in several short films. This aspect of her career highlights her versatility and commitment to exploring different facets of acting.

As a voice-over artist, Margaret Ashley has lent her voice to numerous projects, demonstrating her skill and adaptability in this field. Her voice-over work is characterized by a strong, mature, and authoritative presence, which has made her a sought-after talent for various types of voice-over projects

Margaret Ashley’s dedication to her craft is evident in her extensive body of work across different mediums. Her ability to convey a range of emotions and characters through her voice and acting skills has made her a valuable asset to the entertainment industry.

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