Bridgerton Chronicle: Netflix Announces Season 2 Coming Soon

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Even if the start of 2021 remains complicated, which we will no doubt be confined again, there is good news . Of the month, if you’re a fan of The Bridgerton Chronicle . Indeed, if this is the case, know that a season 2 should see the light of day very soon.

But is it really amazing? When we see the success that the series has known for several weeks. It must be said that Netflix has managed to fill its customers since the beginning of the year. Between the Lady’s Game, Lupine, and finally the series we are talking about.

Regardless, with the streaming platform, we still have to beware. This can often end a series even if it worked well and appealed to fans . Proof of this is with OA, whose project saw itself halted while fans were at the rendezvous. But for The Chronicle of Bridgerton , it would appear to be a different case.

However, it remains to be seen whether “Daphne” will be there. Indeed, depending on the scene she is asked to shoot, Phoebe Dynevor may well refuse to do it. Since she has a bad memory of one of them: ” One of the most difficult scenes for me was when Daphne comes down the stairs to greet the prince … And everyone at the ball turns around to watch it. It was in fact the most uncomfortable scene of all time ”

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But this is only one scene. The rest of the time “Daphnée” really enjoyed filming in this project. Therefore, we can well and truly hope for his presence for a season 2. A season 2 which, as we let you know, was officially announced by Netflix.

The platform indicating on his Instagram account: We are burning with love for them.

The Bridgertons Chronicle, season 2 : coming soon. Following this announcement, fans of the series were quick to express their joy . Just read the rain of comments below the post to realize it:

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