Botched Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All The Details You Need To Know About The Show


The Medical Series Botched is a beautiful series to watch, as lovers snared all over really and the one of a kind suspense series held. Fans are also excited to see more pieces of the set, with six consecutive seasons.

Cast Of Botched Season 7

Botched’s plot centers around the two plastic surgeons’ operation theatre. It tracks not just the day-to-day tasks, but also the human and emotional participation. And we’re glad we’ve got Paul Nassif and Terry J. Dubrow. With the white apron and scalpel in your hands, they are well matched. Nevertheless, they are not new to the duties of a doctor. Dubrow had played ‘The Swan’ in the 2000s most famous plastic surgeon shows. And in the medical docu-series’ Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Paul Nassif made a previous fan base. But their duo in Botched, of course, made them the most famous surgeon duo ever in TV history. We also saw ‘Tinny’ singer-songwriter Tameka Harris as Dubrow’s mate.

What Could Be The Plot Of Season 7?

The series revolves around the Dubrow-Nassif duo’s activities. The consultation with patients accompanies them during the diagnostic procedures. The surgeries make people victims of incorrect operations. We should once again wait for such an adventure. The last season went above and beyond surgical reporting. Rather the corrective measures of the past relies on it. Whether for unprofessional behavior or lack of competence or safety concerns, the operations went in vain. Patients are subsequently introduced to another remedial operation. The story has seemed more adventurous after each renovation.

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Release Date Of The Season 7

While there is no official announcement of either of the health series’ renewal seasons, it does not seem to wait long. We have experienced two fast comebacks since our fourth season in 2018. On November 5, 2019, the last season was released. Taking a break after 10 episodes, in May 2020, season 6 ended with 15 episodes. And the audiences have been crossed by finger since then. Hope that’s not going to take too long. Maybe the coronavirus induced pandemic is a reason behind it’s a delay, but we can see the pair of plastic surgeons again in early 2021.

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