Bluetooth Chappals: How Some Tried To Cheat In REET Examination

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

REET( Rajasthan Eligibility Exam for Teachers) is an important and highly competitive exam for selecting teachers for government schools. The REET exam is conducted by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education.  And, it was held in two shifts at 3,993 centers set up across 33 districts. Almost 16 lakh candidates had enrolled themselves for the exam. At present, there are 31,000 posts available in government schools.

The exam had been conducted on 25th September (Sunday).  For conducting an exam amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Rajasthan government made ample Covid-19 precautions as well. It ensured that a large number of students can appear for the REET exam without any risk of catching the infection.

REET exam was conducted amid tight security measures. It included suspension of mobile Internet services in some districts to prevent cheating. However, five candidates appearing in the exam have been arrested for using unfair means in the examination.

Cheating via Bluetooth Chappals: Candidates Arrested

The first person was caught cheating in Ajmer. Soon, the police officials found an entire cheating racket across the state. In Bikaner, 5 candidates were seen cheating through Bluetooth Chappals. The officials confirmed that the candidates were found wearing “chappals” with Bluetooth devices fitted inside the sole. Similar Bluetooth-fitted chappals have been found in Sikar, Pratapgarh, and Ajmer as well. On the day of the exam, 25th September, almost 40 people were arrested. More than two dozen candidates have been interrogated so far.

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One of the police officials named Ratan Lal Bhargav said, “The chappal is such it has an entire phone inside and a Bluetooth device. The candidate had a device inside his ear and someone from outside the exam hall was helping him cheat

Moreover, the investigation has revealed that these modified slippers for Rs 6 lakh each. These chappals have been cleverly manufactured. An official quoted in TOI that, “A small battery and a SIM card were hidden under the soles of slippers. A Bluetooth-enabled micro-earpiece was fitted deep into candidates’ ears to help them listen to answers.” The main accused of the cheating gang has been identified as Tulsi Ram Kaler. The mastermind behind the cheating scandal owns a coaching center in Bikaner. Police have declared that he had been arrested for similar cheating cases in the past too.  Bikaner SP Preeti Chandra said, “Kaler is on the run and our teams are looking for him.





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