Blue Bloods season 11: This is the preview of the next episode with Danny and Jamie

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

The Blue Bloods series premiered its season 11 a few days ago on CBS television, it is now about to present its second episode and these are some of its images.

Danny ( Donnie Wahlberg ) and Jamie ( Will Estes ) are preparing to catch and convict a well-known drug dealer, but not only that but other characters who join the team.

Blue Bloods premiered its season 11 on December 4, 2020, which in its first episode showed how Joe Hill, son of the late Joe Reagan, worked with Jamie to find Danny.

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But, for this next episode Frank and his grandson face a difficult decision as they navigate the latter’s connection to the former. You look at the first photos of what the episode will be.

In addition to that, the selection of the governor for the new district attorney is expected, the second episode of season 11 of Blue Bloods, will be called, “In the Name of the Father.”

The second episode of season 11 of Blue Bloods will be released on December 11.

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