Bihar Has No Industries! let’s Find the Reasons

Few reasons why Bihar doesn't have any industry after 75 years of Independence.

One of the Tourist Place of India

Bihar is one of the states known for its cultural heritage and traditional knowledge. But at the moment the state lacks both things compared to pre-colonial times. Not only in terms of the industry but also in terms of its reputation. All around the globe, people see Bihar as a backward state. According to Bihar’s chief minister, Nitish Kumar landlock is the reason why people don’t like to set up industry. Landlock state means a state surrounded by land, not any waterbodies. The nearest port to Bihar is 700kms located in Haldia, West Bengal. But if you see India’s map, there are many landlock states. Even they are developing in a gradual manner. Even RJD put a proposal in Rajya Sabha that landlocked states can make ports in their coastal areas.

The Real Reason of Bihar having no industries

  1. Availability of land:  Land acquisition in Bihar is very difficult. No matter from whom they have to require like Zamindar or government. The primal reason the state is an agrarian economy. As Bihar’s land is best suited for agriculture. More than 80% of the population directly or indirectly engages in agriculture. Even the land-holding pattern is very difficult. This process fed up many industrialists.
  2. Spillover effect: According to this effect, if you put skilled people together in one place. Then it creates an environment that attracts many companies. Like in Bengaluru, the IT hub is located. Bengaluru is much costlier than Bihar. Industry can find skilled labor in Bengaluru than in Bihar.
  3. Social Justice and Economy: Still after 75 years of independence. The politics depend on the caste-based system. After 1980, the state has seen the first OBC state minister Lalu Prasad.  The political agenda was never about development it was about equality. The slogan at that was “Vikas nahi Samaan chaiye” which simply means we don’t want any development just give us respect. Eventually, this leads to Social development over economic development, and the upper caste started to migrate to other’s states.

Still, Bihar becoming an education hub for government-oriented exams. The next generation will understand the importance of economic development.

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