Biggest ever Scholarship program for Indian students by Imperial


Imperial has a growing community of Indian students, alumni, and researchers. Imperial College announces scholarships for Indian students. The total scholarship amount is 400,000 British pounds. This is one of the biggest chances ever for Indian students. The scholarship program will be given to students pursuing masters in engineering, natural sciences, business, and medical research.

Imperial’s scholarship scheme in detail for Indian students

Imperial College is a prestigious college under a UK university. 800 Indian students are present on the London campus. 3,000 Indian alumni guide students as mentors. Imperial College also has a large number of Indian scholars. The scholarship program aims to nurture India’s most talented scholar for 3 years. This biggest-ever scholarship scheme falls under the Future Leaders scholarship program.

Jitendra Singh, Minister of Science and Technology of India, visited the Imperial College campus. The news of the scholarship came after his visit to the campus. Professor Peter Haynes from Imperial College elaborated on the scheme in detail. He mentioned this is the biggest-ever scholarship program for Indian scientists and students. It aims to attract the best students from all backgrounds and help them develop. Indian students availing of the scholarship scheme and fulfilling the parameters will get multiple chances.

How will the scholarship program benefit Indian students?

The Future Leaders scheme has also signed a partnership with the Chevening scholarship program. The collaboration of these two schemes will provide funding for an additional three-year master’s program. The scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition and living expenses for Indian students. This has opened the doors and will create endless opportunities. Professor Haynes said he is looking forward to mentoring exceptional students coming from India. The information on the scholarship was shared at the cultural center in New Delhi. Professors mentioned they wanted to support Indian students who want to build exceptional careers.

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