Bigg Boss OTT Fan Asking Justice For Zeeshah Khan On Social Media

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Zeeshah Khan Bigg Boss

As it’s a controversial show, there is recent chaos about the show after the eviction of actor Zeeshah khan. The big hit reality big boss, in the sequel to that Big Boss Over-The-Top is the first season which has taken place in colors channels with some ex-big boss contestants and some new ones too.

The chaos started when on Wednesday the contestants were meant to do a task on Boss  Man and Boss Lady, which later ended up in a physical fight between Zeeshah, the former boss man, and the Indian actor and fitness instructor  Pratik Sehajpal during a heated quarrel. This is one of the worse fights in the show which took place, eventually, the quarrel turned into a physical fight. To which the Big Boss had to take an interfere and to take action. As a result of all this Zeeshah was asked to leave the show. This has been very unfair to the fans, as a fight involves two of them but only one is being evicted. Also on Sunday ka  War karan johar, the host threw up all the comments calling it “misogynistic”.

All the fans are disheartened as Zeeshah got evicted and not Pratik, as the fight involved both of them. Every social media platform with #justiceforzeeshah. Fans are showing up their aggression towards the unfair decision taken by BigBoss. Users are tweeting harsh tweets like “ The bully gang will laugh whole night today after the eviction of Zeeshah “, another Twitter user wrote that “Why just Zeeshah? Eliminate Pratik also. One can’t get physical alone. Both should get eliminated. Fans have started trolling Pratik by writing ” Hats off to people who support Prateek. Sharm Karlo thodi. Har kisiko poke karta hai. Marta hai. Aur tum vote deke usko andar rakh rahe ho. Bechare log ,pata nahi kitna darr rahe honge ab.”

The trends of #justiceforZeeshah and #bringbackZeeshah are coming into the limelight in social media, as fans are really disappointed by the unfair decision of eviction of Zeeshah and not Pratik.

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After his eviction, Zeeshah used Instagram as a platform to show up the injuries that we got during the fight. The picture showed clear red marks on his chest and hands.

The most affected contestants after Zeeshah’s affected are Millind Gaba and Divya Agarwal. Divya Millind Gaba and Divya Agarwal have been the most affected by Zeeshan’s eviction. Divya consoled him and said him to stay calm and cried a lot. Social media has been filled up with most of the tasks and the injuries he has gone through.

Ex-BigBoss contenstant Kishwer Merchant used twitter to show her disagreement and disappointment. She also shared the clips of the physical fight of Zeeshah and Pratik. Let’s wait and see what twist and turns this show takes, and will big boss OTT be fair to Zeesash.

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