Bigg Boss Losliya to get married soon ? Here are some details about Losliya’s groom

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

Bigg Boss Tamil has aired three seasons so far and they were all well received by the audience. The currently airing fourth season is also getting more and more popular with the people.

There were usually romances and link-ups in Bigg Boss house every season. Even last season Kavin-Losliya’s romance were talked about passionately. But when the show ended the two split apart. Kavin is as busy as Losliya committing successive movies and conducting photoshoots in between them.

Kavin was seen in a recent celebration on Vijay Tv during Dussehra festival events while Losliya was seen participating in a game show.

In this situation, a report has come to shock Losliya fans. It’s said that Losliya’s parents have found a groom for her and will marry soon. The groom is settled in Canada and is Losliya’s father’s friend’s son. We will have to wait for official confirmation from Losliya’s family on this as she acts in two movies.

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