Bigg Boss 14 27th October 2020 Episode Written Update: Rahul Pisses off Jasmin

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Today’s episode of Bigg Boss will be filled with new features and characteristics. Each contestant is finally coming out of their shell and can express their true personality at large. Initially, we saw the contestants being well behaved and within their limits, but the third week in, they have let the madness unleash. One such contestant is Rahul Vaidya. He had a simple and affectionate attitude initi. Still, oft of late, he has been getting into people’s bad books, which affects the environment of the house and garnering a lot of screen space for the singer. Tonight’s episode will also see Jasmin Bhasin in a never seen before avatar. She will finally let go of herself and lose her temper.

In last night’s episode where nominations were conducted, Rahul Vaidya commented on Jaan Sanu and nominated him as hating nepotism. This did not go down well with anyone in the house, and Jaan specifically told him that he does not even have the standards to speak about his father. This fight did not end here and will continue today. Rahul will tell Jaan not to behave like a girl. Jaan will fight back and say he did not say much about his comment on nepotism, but this time, he is crossing the limit. All this while, their common friend, Nikki Tamboli, tries to maintain the peace and solve the fight, but she gets dragged into it. Jaan questions her loyalties and says he has given her everything within his limits in their friendship, but she still wants to defend someone else like Rahul. The fight gets extended, and relationships begin to get questioned.

The captaincy task for the week begins as well. The task will be that the housemates of the main house will get a chance to become the captain. Every contestant will have to take care of their travel bag and go on a world tour at intervals of time. During which the people from the red zone will try to take the other’s travel bag. At the end of this world tour, whoever’s bag will remain will them. They will become the MPL Captain of the house. Then begins the plotting and planning. Rubina and Abhinav make it clear that they do not want Eijaz to become the captain.

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That’s not all that Rahul will be up to in tonight’s episode. He manages to anger the calm Jasmin Bhasin. Jasmin has openly said that she does not want to get into a fight and lose her cool because that is not who she is, but tonight will be different. Jasmin has a mental breakdown and calls Rahul a ‘ghatiya Aadmi,’ meaning a disgusting man. The audience will see her losing her mind and going berserk with time. She even throws water on him. Jasmin goes on to spit on his name and says that he threatened her. She even says that she cannot be a part of the show when a man like Rahul in it. This is time and was not expected from Jasmin. Rahul, on the other hand, maintains his cool and is not seen yelling. There must have been a huge trigger that led Jasmin to behave in the manner that she did.

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