Better Call Saul Will Release This Year For Its Final Season

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Better Call Saul Season 6

Breaking Bad has its cult following, to an extent that overshadows most TV shows ever made by AMC Studios. Breaking Bad ended in 2013 with a follow-up TV movie titled El-Camino that offered closure to the characters of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Apart from these two exemplary characters, the greedy and sketchy lawyer portrayed by Bob Odenkirk became so popular that it spun off into a spin-off prequel that highlights the crazy antics and haywire life of Saul Goodman before he joined hands with Walter White for Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul has won critical acclaim for a prequel series so elaborate, so engaging and so emotionally driving that the show continues till now. The makers were destined to end the show last year but the increased hype and love for the series compelled them to move on with season 5 and subsequently season 6 which will release this year. Better Call Saul’s initial seasons focused on his narcissistic personality and absolute disregard for law despite being a lawyer. He constantly tried to measure up to his older brother who was an established lawyer. Season 4 marked his complete transformation to the devious Saul Goodman that we know from the Breaking Bad show.

The fifth season brings Jonathan Banks into the spotlight as well who has been a constant appearance on the show since season one. Now, Saul Goodman is engaged with the cartel in season 5 with references that makes us appreciate the connected writing of the show. Nacho Varga also shares the spotlight in these seasons as well, who becomes involved with the cartel even more.

Gus Fring isn’t an established cartel entity as of yet and it will be interesting to see the development in the final season of Better Call Saul. The expectations are surely high as AMC has been consistently delivering surprises and twists with this immensely loved prequel and dedicated back story for each character. Bob Odenkirk who recently appeared in Nobody, a gory action flick starring a middle-aged guy has further hyped up the series finale.

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