Bengaluru’s Dr Amit Jain sets world records as Youngest to be Father of field (Diabetic Foot) in medical literature

Bengaluru's Dr Amit Jain sets world records as Youngest to be Father of field (Diabetic Foot) in medical literature


In the world of medical innovation, Bengaluru’s Dr. Amit Kumar C Jain has earned a multitude of titles including “The Doc who Rocked” and “The Rocking Doc.” Dr. Jain, a distinguished former Surgery Professor and presently a senior Consultant Surgeon at the prestigious Amit Jain’s Institute of Diabetic Foot & Wound Care, within Brindhavvan Areion Hospital in Bengaluru, India, has now etched his name in history by achieving a remarkable global milestone. At the youthful age of 39, he became the youngest Indian doctor to be recognized as the ‘Father’ of a medical domain, particularly Diabetic Foot, in the authoritative medical literature. This remarkable achievement is backed by years of exceptional and innovative work in the realm of diabetic foot care, and it has been officially documented in renowned records such as Best of India’s Record, Indian Book of Records, Kalam’s World Records, and World Records India 2023.

Dr. Amit Jain previously held the distinction of being the youngest Indian doctor to lay down fundamental principles and practices in the field of diabetic foot care, earning him multiple accolades in the Indian Book of Records, Best of India’s Records, and India’s World Records. Dr. Jain’s pioneering efforts in diabetic foot care have amassed an impressive collection of six world records, showcasing his extraordinary contributions as an Indian surgeon.

In the landscape of Indian medical literature, while many professionals make commendable strides in their respective medical domains, few manage to achieve true originality and innovation. Dr. Amit Jain stands as an exception, having produced original, substantial principles and practices in his field. His achievements are a testament to his meticulous planning and unwavering dedication.

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Dr. Amit Jain emerges not only as a trailblazer in India but on a global scale. His comprehensive principles and practices in diabetic foot care mark a milestone in the world of medicine and surgery. The modern diabetic foot surgery system owes much to Dr. Jain’s pioneering work, a fact acknowledged by his earned title, “Father of Diabetic Foot Surgery.” Dr. Gopal S, a respected Professor of Surgery at Dr. Chandramma Dayananda Sagar Institute of Medical Education and Research, Bengaluru, highlights Dr. Jain’s groundbreaking and innovative contributions to diabetic foot care, which have led to the evolution of an advanced diabetic foot surgery approach. This speaks volumes about Dr. Jain’s resolute vision and commitment to advancing diabetic foot care.

In recent years, a trend emerged in India and beyond where doctors were often dubbed “Legends” or “Fathers” for achieving milestones that lacked substantive originality. Dr. Gopal emphasizes that such titles should be reserved for pioneers with a history of sustained, exceptional, and original innovative work. It often requires diligent research within the literature to uncover true pioneers like Dr. Amit Jain.

The impact of Dr. Amit Jain’s work on diabetic foot care extends far beyond medical literature. His contributions have been acknowledged by the leadership at Brindhavvan Areion Hospital, which dedicated a wing to him in recognition of his remarkable research, surgeries, educational efforts, and philanthropy. This recognition made its way into the Grand Asian Book of World Records in 2022, further solidifying his legacy.

Dr. Kishore Kumar, a Director of the hospital, underscores the global significance of Dr. Amit Jain’s contributions to diabetic foot care. His exceptional teaching skills and unique presentations have also been acknowledged in Best of India’s Records. Dr. Jain’s projects, including the famed “Amit Jain’s Project,” have earned him an enduring reputation, enhanced by his charismatic persona and philanthropic efforts.

This monumental achievement by Dr. Amit Jain is formally documented in the official records of Best of India’s Records ( and World Records India (


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