Bekaaboo 2 Release Date , Cast And Latest Updates

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
Bekaaboo 2 Release Date , Cast And Latest Updates

Bekaaboo is a story of wild desire, fantasies, and dark secrets. The erotic thriller reveals the untold life of a female stalker, Kashti (Priya Banerjee) and how she lures and traps Kiyan (Rajeev Siddhartha).

Release Date

The 1st season was released on May 14 2019 and the second season was released on March 15 2021.


While Kashti is a clever woman, she also happens to have a dark side to her character. If crazy had a face, it’ll be Kashti’s! She is the most intriguing character of the Bekaaboo web series, in short! Talking about her bold role with OTT Informer, Priya Banerjee was quoted saying, “The character of Kashti is a complete departure from what I have played in Baarish. I am an outgoing, clever, conniving, sexy woman who stalks and lures her man into her trap. I hope the audience like and appreciates Kashti, as it required me to shed a lot of inhibitions and put in a lot of effort into this role. I feel this show deserves a lot of love and appreciation, as it was very challenging and for the team to pull this off.”

On the other hand, Kiyan is a bestselling erotic author who craves nothing but wild pleasure. When he meets Kashti, his fantasies come to life followed by blackmailing and a web of lies. Speaking about the theme of Bekaaboo, Rajeev Siddhartha who plays Kiyan told Indian Express, “Bekaaboo has a very powerful storyline and trust me, it will shock you. It’s much more than the intimate scenes. Even though I read the scripts many times and did the dubbing, every time I watch it, I am at the edge of my seat. And I am so proud that we managed to do that with the audience.”

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ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo crossed all boundaries and surprised the viewers with a never-seen-before concept. After winning the hearts with the first season, the show is ready to leave the viewers spellbound yet again with its brand new season. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. It is speculated that the makers will air Bebaakoo 2 web series soon on their homegrown OTT platform.

Cast  Details

The erotic thriller, Season 2  will see new faces, such as Taher Shabbir, Subha Rajput, Ankit Gupta, Poulomi Das, and many more actors. And hey, guess what? We still have Priya Banerjee to add a dash of spice and lots of oomph to the brand new season. Amazing, right? It gets even better! This time around, the storyline comes with a twist and a murder mystery, of course.

  • Priya Banerjee as Kashti,
  •  Rajeev Siddhartha as Kiyan
  • Madhussneha Upadhyay as Anaysha
  • Taher Shabbir
  • Poulomi Das
  • Taaha Shah
  • Subha Rajput
  • Tushar Khanna
  • Smaran Sahu

Where To watch

 You can watch both season 1 and 2 on Alt Balaji site or app.

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