BeautifulDiz: A glowing Martial Artist And Sword Women

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

BeautifulDiz is one of the versatile and multi-talented artists who is playing her part to entertain her followers and viewers; and bring somewhat really novelistic art in this tough time through modeling, illustration, VFX art, and above all, by Martial art.

About BeautifulDiz, who is she?

BeautifulDiz, short for Beautiful Disaster, is a well-known VFX artist and cosplayer born and raised in Harlem, New York City.

She had a challenging upbringing due to growing up in a rough neighborhood. She took solace in art, particularly anime and comics. Firstly, BeautifuDiz studied the art of photography, later on, she excelled over graphics designing and subsequently found her more interesting arts to be learned. At present Diz is working on her skills of Martial arts and acting.

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Her work in Martial Arts

Gradually, BeautifulDiz discovered that her inner potential was limitless. As she was fond of becoming an action hero, she diverted her focus towards Martial arts. Dizazter has been interested in acting since childhood and her favorite weapon is sai. BeautifulDiz was keen to learn fighting for filmmaking and real-life scenarios. She found a school where she learned about the different types of martial arts mentioned below

  • Asian American Combat system includes Kobudo, the art of Okinawan and Japanese weapons.
  • Kali is Filipino Stick Fighting, Japanese Jujitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Karate, and Western Boxing.

Taught by Shihan Demetrius Angelo.

Twin sai is the first weapon she was trained with, and her first love as well. She has been in the field of martial arts for more than 10 years. Soon she will star in Power Rangers Unworthy (The Last Ninjetti ) playing the yellow ranger Aisha as a debut in her acting career.

Works and Projects of BeautifulDiz

BeautifulDiz performs martial arts, does cosplay, and makes VFX videos all done and edited very amazingly by herself. Diz is also an expert in making body armor with EVA foam and also 3D print items sometimes. She is a self-taught artist.

she is a successful model and martial artist. Diz proved that beauty is not the only thing to be recognized and appreciated, rather the skills, creativity, and passion of a person are the real thing to be honored.

BeautifulDiz has become an iconic representation of black women and an inspiration for the youth, as an epitome of courage, hard work, talent, and versatility. She is touching the new heights of success. In order to approach her and have a look at her artwork, you can visit her social handlers.

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