Battlegrounds Mobile India Users Are Troubled With The Erratic Behaviour Of The Game

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India has just launched and the troubles have already piled up for the gamers. The first news of Krafton sending data to Chinese servers was but of a shocker but that isn’t the only problem persistent with the game. Players are facing a lot of in-game trouble as well which is ruining the playability of the Battlegrounds Mobile India.

BattlegroundsĀ  Mobile Problems In India

Battlegrounds Mobile India has launched the twentieth season of its game titled C1S1 update. The issues most prominent within the game are unicorn-set outfits, a login reward, UC (in-game currency) purchases, and other minor flaws. When entering a match with the unicorn outfit, the game is stuck on an endless loading screen which never amounts to a matching entry. The second trouble is the second-day login reward that displays it as a mission 19 card instead of the latest season. Battlegrounds Mobile India relies heavily on in-game purchases and players are unable to complete the purchase of UC despite the payment going through.

Krafton just released a major update that was designed to solve the existing issues of the game but it ended up bringing in more trouble for the players. Battlegrounds Mobile India update to version 1.5.0 is the latest update rolled out by Krafton. To tackle these problems Krafton is slowly working on fixes with no exact date of patching these issues. For the unicorn outfit, Krafton suggests avoiding the usage of the outfit for the time being. The mission card is also been updated to reflect the new season changes and those who encountered this issue have been compensated with a mission card.

For the UC purchase issue, the fix is in the works. The developer advises navigating to the in-game customer service option to complain and resolve the issue that persists with UC. These are only some of the issues that have been massively reported by many players who are frustrated with the newest update. Just last week, players noticed the absence of a super smooth option in the graphics settings. The sprint was also rendered non-configurable which heavily impacted the player’s advancements in the game. If you play Battlegrounds Mobile India regularly, you will encounter these flaws if you have updated to the newest version. Krafton advises you to be patient with the patches as they are in motion and will arrive one by one.

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