Banda: Along with theatres, ‘Banda’ will now explode in South as well


Manoj Bajpayee leading ‘Sirf Ek Hi Banda Kafi Hai’ continues to tremble on ZEE5. Directed by Apoorva Singh Karki, this film is continuously getting good response from the watchers. In view of this, preparations are being made to make a big bang from the film. Actually, there is a plan to release the film in theaters soon. But now some more episodes have been added to this plan. It is being told that this film will also be released in Tamil and Telugu languages. Let us tell you when this film will be released globally.

‘Banda’ has Released in 25 theaters

‘Banda’ has already been released in cinema halls on 2 June. Now the preparations are on full swing to release this film on the South belt as well. The makers are in a plan to release this film in different languages. The film will release globally on 7 June.

‘Banda’ becomes the most watched film on ZEE5

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Let us tell you that the movie ‘Sirf Ek Hi Banda Kafi Hai’ has been in the headlines ever since its release on Zee5. Alam is that during the last one year it has become the most watched film on G5. Seeing this, the producers and directors are very excited and have made preparations to release the film in other languages ​​as well.

This is the story of the film

This film will depict the story of lawyer PC Solanki who got justice to a minor girl.  During the trial of the case. PC Solanki, his family and key witnesses were even threatened with death, but he did not care about anyone. This battle between the self-power of a common man and the power of a sage lasted for about five years. During that time PC Solanki had proved by facing the eminent lawyers of the country that the law is above all sages and religion.

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