Bali Plans Tourist Motorbike Ban Over Traffic Violations

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster said that tourists should behave like tourists. He also announced foreigners would only be allowed to drive cars rented from travel agents. After a series of road offenses committed by tourists, the government made the decision of banning rental motorbikes. Although, the two-wheelers are the best transport in Bali to roam around during holiday trips for tourists.


bali scooter rental ban

However, it may end soon as up to 171 violations have been observed by the officials from last month. Foreign nationals frequently violate laws for two-wheelers. According to the source, the proposed restrictions would be implemented in the mid of this year. Many recordings of violating drivers have been posted and widely circulated on social media in recent years.

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In 2020, for example, a Russian Instagrammer launched his motorcycle down a dock as part of a stunt. Recently, a foreign resident was caught disputing with police officers. Officers pulled her over, for not wearing a helmet.

bali scooter ban traffic rules

This month (March), a Russian man was arrested. He was suspected of drunk driving while riding his motorcycle after colliding with a local driver. Koster has also requested that the government repeal the visa-on-arrival provision for Ukrainians and Russians. He also expressed concern that residents from both countries were breaking local laws and regulations. Following complaints of unlawful immigrant workers on tourist visas.

Back in 2019, Bali welcomed 6.2 million foreign visitors, and the island’s economy is dependent on their visits. Locals’ patience with tourists has been challenged, however, by numerous reports of illegal or rude behavior, notably on the roadways.

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