Avril gets $80,000 daimond chain as a gift by rumored Boyfriend Tyga

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Avril receives a diamond chain as a gift from Tyga

It’s obvious that Avril Lavigne and Tyga are dating. They are now seen kissing in the city of love in front of the cameras. After beginning to hang out often in both Paris and Los Angeles. Avril and Tyga have generated relationship speculations this year. Avril Lavigne is flaunting her new bright jewelry around her neck. According to sources, it was a gift from her new boyfriend, Tyga. She is all iced-out in her appearance these days.

Gift for Avril

On Thursday, Tyga gave Avril a customized diamond chain that is worth $80,000. Tyga contacted New York City-based celebrity jeweler Eric Mavani to create the item three weeks ago, just before Paris Fashion Week.

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The necklace has various pendants, including Avril’s first name and two initial letters “A”. With superimposed over pink hearts, and two skulls and crossbones with pink ribbons.
It is said that the jewelry contains 50 carats of pink sapphires, white diamonds, and black diamonds.
Avril has already uploaded selfies showing off the chain. She was seen donning it on Thursday night in Los Angeles.

Romance Between these two

The timing is worthy of attention since Tyga and Avril have been spending more time together. Even more, than they were in Paris during fashion week. Strolling across the city both of them have been spotted holding hands and cuddling. Tyga, Avril, and a few others were seen having dinner at NOBU at first. Where they appeared to be getting along. They hugged in the parking lot after dinner, as if to say farewell, but then drove away together in the same car.

The couple attended Leonardo DiCaprio’s party at Kuku on Wednesday, both dressed in black from head to toe… and trying to keep a low profile. Avril and Tyga kissed each other on the lips. During the Paris fashion week at the Mugler X Hunter Schafer Party. As all these kisses confirm a romantic relationship. They appeared like a pair at the party, holding hands as they headed inside the fancy event.

Tyga and Avril are still in the early phases of their relationship, and they’re not placing labels like girlfriend/boyfriend on anything, at least not yet.

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