Astrophysicist Detect A Black Hole Gobbling Up A Star From Inside Calling It A Massive Supernova

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Astrophysicist Detect A Black Hole Gobbling Up A Star From Inside Calling It A Massive Supernova

Astronomers have caught the rarest of the cosmic event. The event where a city-sized Star becomes lunch for the Blackhole galloping inside out. They aptly quote it is what’s known to be a Massive Supernova.

A study once published in the famous Science journal, according to that the astrophysicists assume that the black hole was first eaten by a gargantuan star.  But as soon as it disturbed and collapse the core of the star , galloping it inside out. It concluded in the initiation to meet its decease in a beautiful supernova. It could be also known to be a ‘murder driven supernova’.

It was an unusual detection what seems to be a black hole colliding with a star . But also this collision ended up predicting a very old theory in regards to black holes and stars. The stars went supernova once the black hole entered the star itself .

What’s Behind This Detection:

In the last decade, so many new things have been discovered and proven in regards to black holes as a matter of fact scientifically you could call this decade the decade of BLACK HOLES.

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We have had the first image of a black hole and we have had the first collision of black holes and we have had so many other discoveries that nobody actually knew were even possible theoretically but nobody believed that we will be able to physically see them and observe them in detail, as a matter of fact, Einstein did not believe any of this was possible either but thanks to advances in telescopes specifically these beautiful devices such as nicer . A tremendous amount of black holes have been observed and proven to show us that our theories were indeed quite correct. Recently there has been a major revelation in regards to black holes and neutron stars. Two of them were detected by relatively recent analysis and this was something that was actually theoretical but has now been officially proven.

The cosmic event was first spotted by researchers in 2017 four years ago. It was when a Very Large (VLA) telescope in Mexico picked up an overwhelming bang of radio energy radiating from a supernova. 

For laymen, it could not be as odd but this amazing event could actually be proof for a long theorized cosmic occurrence dubbed ‘ The merger Triggered Supernova’.

The researcher from the California Institute of Technology, Dillion Dong, further decided to analyse this anomalous behaviour with his entire team.  They eventually found the star and the black hole essentially the binary stars. 

But now one star eventually collapsed going straight to a black hole. But the two remained in orbit until the black hole made an entrance to the earth’s atmosphere around 300 years ago. Then it started to consume it.

The cosmic event was first spotted by researchers four years ago in 2017 when the Very Large (VLA) telescope in New Mexico picked up a rather overwhelming burst of radio energy coming from the supernova. 

Researcher and astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, Dillion Dong, decided to further analyze this anomaly with his team and eventually discovered that the black hole and the star were essentially binary stars — basically two stars that orbit each other.

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