Aryan Khan Has Become Quieter After Returning Home From Jail

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

After being released from jail last month. Aryan Khan has finally returned home. He spends 25 days in jail. And then was released on bail with certain conditions. There was a various condition given by NCB before releasing him on bail.

The 23 years old son of Superstar Shah Rukh Khan was arrested on October 3 by Narcotics Control Bureau  (NCB), walked out of the prison at 11.02 am and got into a waiting car, which reached his home Mannat in suburban Bandra shortly after 11.30 am.

The fans of SRK celebrated the release of Aryan Khan from Jail. They celebrated with music dance and burst firecrackers.

There is a total of 14 bail conditions that Aryan had to follow. When he was released from jail all Shah Rukh Khan’s were very happy and relieved for their superstar’s son.

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But after this incident, Aryan Khan is said to be traumatized and has become quiet. The son of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan has a buzzing social life. Who always partied, and met up with friends has become quite reserved and now has been staying at home.

His parents are really concerned about him and are trying their best to help him forget those 25 days he spend his jail. According to the reports, this is the reason why Shah Rukh Khan who always celebrate his birthday grandly cancelled his birthday celebration. The family packed up and went to Alibaug to spend some quality time together as a family.

With many films in the lineup, SRK is worried about his son and also planning to hire some person bodyguard for the safety of his son. The Superstar dad is doing everything in his power to protect his son. At present Shah Rukh Khan, the most trusted bodyguard is accompanying Aryan Khan. For his meet up with NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau). But very soon the Superstar will be leaving for his international schedules. And he doesn’t want Aryan to face any troubles from media or fans.

Aryan khan is expected to be summoned before NCB again this Friday to mark his attendance. The star kid has to go once or twice to the Police station to mark his presence. He was called in by the NCB’s SIT officers for their investigations into the drugs case and the alleged ‘extortion bid’ in his case. Aryan was reportedly summoned on Sunday but called in sick as he was running a fever.

On the other hand, SIT has also summoned Shah Rukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani. She was summoned to record the statement but Pooja skipped as well due to health reasons. According to the reports and statements were given by Tushar, “She will have to appear before of the police. She can’t get away by not showing up. After all, this is the law, it can’t be avoided.

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