Arrow: This is why Oliver’s sinister and tragic origin story was not shown

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

Of all the DC shows the Arrowverse had helped create, Arrow was and still is the darkest of all. This brave approach was applied to everything Oliver Queen went through in the current timeline, but the same could be said for his story.

While Oliver the Arrow is known as one of the world’s greatest heroes, as he (in his wraith form) rebooted the Arrowverse’s universe, he had to take a very painful path to become the legend he now stands for. knows him.

While Arrow showed that Oliver had to go through a great deal of trauma over eight seasons, his origin story began in an incredibly gruesome way.

While trapped with the only crew member left on the yacht, Robert makes a shocking decision to help his son, who would be Arrow, survive.

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Robert Queen not only kills the crew member but ends up shooting himself and pleading with Oliver, a future superhero named Arrow, to survive, whatever happens so that he can correct the mistakes of the Queen family.

This was not just the first haunting story Oliver had to go through, but perhaps one of Arrow’s haunting of all time. However, that moment is never seen on the screen.

While the emotions from those scenes were felt, it would have been a poor decision if the Arrow show had shown Robert shooting himself and Oliver having to bury him.

Since Arrow aired on The CW, there are also restrictions that you must follow as a broadcast network. If Arrow had aired on a platform like HBO or HBO Max, it is very possible that they could have shown Robert Queen’s death in its entirety.

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