Arnold Schwarzenegger Is The Greatest Action Hero Of The Cinema According To An Algorithm

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Deciding who is the greatest action hero of all time is not easy, since everyone has their favorite, but it seems that science chooses Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerSylvester StalloneBruce WillisChuck NorrisNicolas Cage (in their good old days), Jason StathamKeanu Reeves or Dwayne Johnson, any of them could be the greatest action hero of cinema, but now the end has been put to the end. debate thanks to an algorithm.

Using variables such as punches thrown, baddies defeated, near-death breakouts, box office totals, review averages, and catchphrases, Arnold Schwarzenegger was named the greatest action hero of all time.

The rest of the list consists of Jason StathamBruce WillisJet LiTom CruiseSylvester StalloneChuck NorrisMichelle RodriguezMichelle Yeoh, and Pam Grier. It is not surprising to find that 60% of them appeared in at least one movie in the Mercenaries saga.

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The veteran actor will continue to shoot action movies.

Despite the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be 74 years old in 2021 (July 30, 1947), in his filmography he has some action projects to extend his legend. For example, playing the president in Kung Fury 2, the Outrider series where a deputy sheriff teams up with a ruthless Marshall to track down a legendary outlaw. He will also shoot another series where a gym trainer acquires incredible superpowers from a mysterious comet and becomes Captain Courage, one of the greatest protectors on earth. He works ‘undercover’ as a kindergarten teacher to raise a new generation of super-powerful kids.

As if that weren’t enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger could repeat his two most legendary roles in a new installment of Terminator and Canon the barbarian. But he also wants to make a sequel to The Twins hit twice where they would include Eddie Murphy.

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